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While extensions are known for their glamorous side in Hollywood they also are a great hair restoration solution. For those with naturally fine or thinning hair it is a wonderful alternative to other forms of hair restoration. Wearers of hair extensions typically don't need full coverage, therefore they are able to wear hair extensions and gain the coverage needed to satisfy their thinning or loss needs.  It is the perfect choice for those who want to add length, fullness, or texture to their growing hair, or who have up to 20% hair loss and want to replace it.

Using the highest quality human hair, we employ safe and successful extension application methods that include strand-by-strand and lineal bonding, individual hand-tied wefts that bond to growing hair without causing damage.  Extensions last from about 9 months to 1 year with monthly maintenance at the salon, and can be removed and replaced without risk or harm to the hair.

Before Hair Extensions

After Hair Extensions


For those who have Grade 2 hair loss, an integration system can be combined with their own growing hair to fill in areas of need. Highly effective as a remedy for pattern baldness, an integration system can be adapted for everyday use or extended wear, depending on its attachment. Lasts from 9 months to 1 year, with monthly salon maintenance.

Before Hair Integration

After Hair Integration


Those who have a Grade 3 loss of their hair can regain the appearance of full, healthy-looking hair through duplication. These systems look completely natural, using an ultra-thin, skin-like, breathable polymer combined with the finest silk nylon to hold hair securely and give it the appearance of flowing naturally from the scalp. Designed to be worn 24 hours a day, duplication systems require monthly maintenance.

Before Hair Duplication

After Hair Duplication

Full Head Prosthesis (Wig)

Designed for those with Grade 4 hair loss usually resulting from medical treatments or health issues, our cranial prosthesis designs are available in a range of materials and prices to suit individual needs. All designs are handmade from the finest materials and are custom-fitted and finished to ensure complete comfort and satisfaction.

Before Full Head Prosthesis (Wig)

After Full Head Prosthesis (Wig)